Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

I would like to wish all you of you happy holidays and a healthy and properous 2014.

2013 has been a turbulent year from a personal point of view, but things are looking very promising for the future. I hope to see many of you on one of the shows that I will be attending.


New Mini finished

New Mini finished

Last week I attended a workshop by Roman Lappat from Massive Voodoo, assisted by Peter Toth.  We started on Friday late afternoon and stopped at 6.30 pm on Sunday evening.  This was a very intense, but ultimately rewarding experience. Trust me on this: Roman has the ability to get you out of your comfort zone and take you to another level of consciousness in miniature painting. Even though we had 26 people attending, he and Peter kept a very relaxed attitude and guided everybody through the weekend smoothly.

I believe that Roman is one of the most inspiring people in the modelling and painting scene today, and I can only but highly  recommend that you attend one of his classes whenever you have the opportunity. You will not regret it and it’ll be well worth your time, effort, blood, sweat and tears and the money you put into it.

Thank Roman and Peter for the great time at the workshop. I hope you guys will be back for the advanced class next year.

My mini, with the final tweaks made on my home workbench as it stands today….my Queen of Creatures. A GWS Demonette, from head to toe 40mm…or a bit smaller..whatever.



In progress….Aerosan and Fieseler Storch

In progress….Aerosan and Fieseler Storch

I have picked up my still nameless project again, involving an Aerosan and a Fieseler Storch in 1/35. Both kits are rather basic, the Fieseler Storch lacks a lot of interior details. In this diorama the Storch will do what it does best….crash 🙂 Or better said, it has made a rough emergency landing. This scenario will include a broken wing, broken prop blades.

Pics of the Aerosan in progress with moderate weathering, and still some work to do:

frontleft front cockpit-top backright backleft back


And I have done some work on the Storch as well. Some bits to add still, including the small stuff that’s supposed to be scattered throug the cockpit


frontwithmotor cockpittopleft cockpit-openright

To be continued….

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