About an Octopus and a coconut

written by Margot Crombeecke

Happily painting figures since 2014


Contest just for the fun

Some time ago I was invited by Gianpaolo di Silvestro from Scientific Models to join a fun painting challenge with four other painters.

Gianpaolo had released an octopus figure and thought it would be a nice idea to bring some friends together online during this Covid period in an informal and just-for-fun contest. While the contest hasn’t finished yet, I have finished my version of the octopus.

It’s really been a fun ride with some great online laughs with the others who joined this challenge: Robert del Cima, Paolo di Poce, Lorenzo Evangelista and Antonio Pirri.

And mind you,  it’s not all just for fun, the winners gets a coconut. Who can resist an award like that?  🙂

Do you want to paint your octopus or one of Scientic Models’ other great figures? Check out the Scientic Models website

And more images of my finished fun-project “Octopussy” can, of course, be found in my gallery

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