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written by Robert

Scale modeller and figure painter since 1881 🙂


Well, I shamefully admit that I have finally spent time to figure out why you could not read the complete posts in my blog. Well, now you can. I also admit being digitally illiterate. Or too lazy to be bothered at times…hmm. On the other hand,  I’m nice to kids and animals and I pay my taxes, so I’m not that bad a person I guess 🙂

I actually managed to finish some of the stuff that I started earlier this year, or even longer ago, who knows. I finished a mini by Scibor Miniatures called Santa Hunter. Funny mini, at least I think so and a joy to paint. My first real mini as a matter of fact, and it has given me the opportunity to use some colours from the paint box I haven’t used a lot until now.

Santa Hunter

I also finished a long dragging project that started it’s life as a purchase by my wife. She never finished the bust, and I attempted it several times over the past few years, putting it aside over and over again to focus on other projects. Earlier this year I decided to give it a final go. The sculpt is not that great to tell you the truth, but I wanted to challenge the horrors of painting whites. Did I succeed? Yes and no. I’m happy with the way the face came out, the robe is rather ok, and the hair…well…I’d  rather go bold, haha.  Anyway, it’s done and the next time I find something in my stash that is not up to standard I’ll rather sell than paint it. There!


My happy spring time Lend-Lease Valentine is another project that should have been finished earlier. It all started off as an exercise model for practising new airbrush techniques. I build this MiniArt model out of the box, a first time for me… even after many moons of scale modelling this is my first model without any after market. You may call me weird. The weathering was mainly done with Liquitex Acrylics Inks, a method developed by my clubmember Marcel du Long. The lower parts of the tank received some pigments.


Anyway,  more pics of all projects are uploaded in the galleries. I hope that you enjoy watching them.

Signing off!


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