Margot has been busy lately.

First there is her new project, Watch Out, Bilbo!, which shows the hobbit from FeRMinatures on a home made base including spiders, a giant mushroom, and “UHU”spiderwebs. Check out more pictures in her gallery


Her “Colours Of The Ocean” received some additional TLC with an improved result. The images are also to be found in her gallery. Rumour has it that she tweaked this figure even a bit further after a conversation with a certain guy from the company that produces the figure…..but these rumours are yet to be confirmed 🙂

The base of “Sirens Call” was painted black after all, and seagulls seem to have tails. Something the manufacturer failed to add, so Magic Sculpt to the rescue. Some new images were made and added to the gallery, just because it looks so cool.

Sirens call black

“Sent from Heaven” is also recent additions, as well as a new set of images of Queen of Darkness (formerly known as “Vampire Queen”). Again she tweaked the painting of the vampire figure a bit, hence the decision to place new images.

Please enjoy the images and if you feel like dropping a line, please do so.




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